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Healing is a very ancient art. It has been performed through the centuries by various methods and by a very wide cross section of healers/administrators. Healing and dowsing go hand in glove, as both arts draw on the same energies. Dowsing/dowsers use many different techniques, the same applies to healing/healers. The tool or application  used by the administrator will depend on the individual and how he/she can attune themselves to the natural energies. All healing is GOOD, providing that it comes with good intentions and the right reasons.

  Before any healing session begins, the healer/administrator must ask, 

(1) Permission to be allowed to use the natural healing energies. 

(2) Can I use these energies for the benefit of my fellow man? 

(3) Should I do this work, and will it be correct and beneficial for the recipient?   

 Different Healers use different techniques to arrive at the same source of healing power. The source being the same for all who practice the art. The main difference being, tools of the trade i.e.- pendulum, dowsing L rods, crystals, hands on, to name  just a few. 

The way any particular healer practices, is the best for him/her. It is the way that attunement to the recipient and the power source can be made. Once that link has been made, the healing energies will flow .

The amount of power the recipient will receive is governed by natural law and not by the Healer/ Administrator.   Natural Law is the controlling factor of all things on this planet. To understand or begin to understand this Law, one must attune themselves to the earth's natural energies, as we do for dowsing or what ever medium that we may use. 

 The answer to all and every imaginable question is out there, just waiting for us to attune our minds to receive the answer. The same applies to healing. Ask and you will receive. Knock and the door will be opened to you.  Nothing is impossible for you to achieve if your will and understanding is strong enough   You yourself hold the key to all things. You yourself has the power.  The magic is in you.. Remember that you will only get that which is necessary, and not what you want.                                             

  PLEASE read and observe the ethics of Membership.  




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