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Many people are sceptical about dowsing until they try it for themselves. It is an ancient art that is currently regaining its rightful place in society.

A description of "dowsing", or "divining" as it is otherwise called, is…"the art and skill of locating something by using sensory means other than the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell".

Most people have heard of "Water Divining" and assume that this is all there is to dowsing. Visitors to our Society Meetings constantly say the same thing…"I didn’t know that there was so much to dowsing". Dowsing does indeed cover the finding of water, but it is also used in archaeological and building work; in the finding of lost objects, and people; in agriculture in soil and plant compatibility, soil analysis, and plant health; in the remedying of geopathic and electromagnetic stress; in map dowsing; as an aid in overcoming ill-health in both humans and animals; and in the detection of earth energies and in assisting the healing of the Earth.

The specific interests of members of the West Wales Dowsers Society cover this entire spectrum of dowsing.

1. What is Dowsing?

Dowsing, or divining, is a means of finding answers to questions, or finding objects. It is a visible answer to an invisible fact. Dowsing tools such as pendulums, rods, wands, hazel twigs, etc can be used. Very sensitive people, or some people who have dowsed for some time, can feel the energy directly within their body.

There are no limits to dowsing, or divining. The only limits are within the dowser.

2. How does it work?

Dowsing works by picking up vibrations, but it is vitally necessary to ask precise questions.

3. Reactions of Dowsing Instruments:

L-rods go in, out, and sometimes whizz around. V-rods and Y-rods go up and down.
Pendulums can rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise, can make diagonals, or straight North/south and East/west lines.

4. How to Dowse:

Relax physically and mentally. Focus on the question. Do not concentrate on an answer.

Golden Rules - Always ask:

"May I?" (ie: Is it morally and ethically right for me to be asking this question?)

"Can I?" (ie: Am I competent, not overtired, not biased?)

"Should I?" (ie: Is it the right time to do so?)

Dowsing should NEVER be used irresponsibly, for gain, or to do harm.


5. Dowsing for Water:

Position: Ask to be shown the direction to the best source.

Depth: Ask for the specific depth with the most available water.

Quality: Water needs to be checked for pollutants. There are several methods which can be used — a 10/10 system or a Mager Disc.

Quantity: Find out how many gallons per day will be available.

6. Map Dowsing:

Map dowsing can be used for a variety of purposes, including finding sources of water as in (5) above. Map dowsing can be done verbally by using grid references, or using a finger or pencil as a pointer.

7. Site Dowsing:

Site dowsing is the labour-saving method of finding the actual point of blocked drains, leaking water pipes, damaged electrical cables, junctions of pipes, buried foundations etc.

8. Archaeology:

Site dowsing on archaeological sites does not destroy any physical evidence still remaining. Site
dowsing can also provide answers that are not physically evident — such as dates, number of inhabitants, life styles etc.

9. Lost Articles:

Lost property, also missing people and animals, can be located by map dowsing at a distance, or by tracking.

10. Soil and Plant Health:

Dowsing can be used to determine any major or trace elements that may be missing, together with quantities and timing of applications. Plant health can be determined and remedies determined.

11. Human and Animal Health:

As in (10), dowsing can be used to determine the health of humans and animals, together with remedies, potencies, quantities and frequencies.

Dowsing can also be used to check the health of chakras and auras.

12. Geopathic Stress:

Dowsing can be used to check and remedy where necessary the main forms of geopathic stress, which are "Black Liner", "The Hartmann Grid", and "The Curry Net", all being natural forms of earth energies.

13. Technopathic Stress:

Technopathic stress is stress caused by Man, such as high-tension electricity cables and pylons, microwave ovens, quartz watches, cell-net telephones, radar installations. The harmful effects of energy radiation from such sources can be assessed by dowsing, and remedies.




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